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An increase in the number of closed networks and reimbursement changes are just two of the factors making the credentialing, payor enrollment, and contracting processes more complex and more time consuming. Small healthcare organizations could certainly manage these processes in-house if they have the money, expertise and staff. However, large healthcare organizations, especially those that are growing, expanding or experiencing turnover, will find credentialing, payor enrollment and contracting to be a time-consuming and costly endeavor. This is especially true if these organizations rely on manual methods like paper documentation and spreadsheets to keep track of all their applications, contracts and renewal dates.

For many organizations, outsourcing the credentialing, enrollment and contracting processes makes financial sense. Outsourcing can do many things, among them being reducing labor costs, increasing the overall efficiency of processes, and eliminating the negative effects of personnel turnover.

Four of the 10 key considerations you should take into account when evaluating outsourcing are:

  • Does the service provider adapt to your needs?
  • Is the service provider using outdated technology?
  • Can the service provider help you eliminate the risk of turnover?
  • Does the service provider have reporting that tracks prioritization of tasks, helps keep track of task timelines and ensures the service provider is accountable for target delivery dates?

For a complete list of the 10 key considerations, along with an explanation of each consideration, please visit our home page and download our FREE Whitepaper, 10 Key Considerations: Outsourcing Credentialing, Payor Enrollment, and Contracting.

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Joy Ortiz is the Marketing Specialist for STAT MedCare, LLC, a U.S.-based, national provider of credentialing, payor enrollment, rate negotiation and other credentialing related services.

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