Expertise Highlights

Established in 2003, STAT MedCare, LLC is one of the largest provider enrollment companies in the U.S. We specialize in the provision of credentialing related services.

  • 75+ combined years of credentialing experience
  • 98% client satisfaction rating
  • 1,000,000+ enrollment applications submitted
  • 10,000+ appeals submitted
  • 250,000+ licenses submitted and/or renewed
  • 3000+ contracts renegotiated
  • 100% success rate identifying and handling expirables timely
  • 50 states covered by a STAT credentialing expert
  • 100% of payor plans engaged by a STAT coordinator for clients
  • 40%+ cost savings from outsourcing to STAT
  • 40% in increased revenue resulting from fixing credentialing issues
  • 100% increase in credentialing efficiency using STATCred

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