Frequently Asked Questions

What types of organizations does STAT serve?
What size organizations does STAT serve?
What geography does STAT serve?
What does STAT charge for its services?
How much of the work would STAT do for my organization?
What are STAT’s policies and procedures?
How does STAT protect my confidentiality?
What are STAT's reporting procedures?
How do we engage STAT to provide services to our organization?
Does STAT offer any incentives or guarantees?

Can STAT refer me to others that could help my business (e.g. billing companies, practice management consultants, etcetera)?
Does STAT have references I can contact?

I have outsourced to other credentialers in the past and I have not been satisfied with their services. How are you different?
What is the timeframe it takes for STAT to get its clients enrolled with payors?
Do we have to use STAT services to access STATCred?

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