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How is your Online Reputation?

I know it takes a little bit of time to adjust to the new year.  Writing 2018 or 18 for the date can be challenging for the first few months of the year.  You know what else can be challenging?  Keeping up with your online reputation!  Knowing that it’s 2018, you should be well aware of how big the internet is in today’s service and product industry.  

Did you know that online reviews is a key step in finding a new medical or behavioral healthcare provider? Online reviews are so important and on average, 72% of patients view these before making a their decision!

72% is a huge opportunity! I think it would be crazy not to be in a position to acquire any of those patients. Are you wondering what the first step is to monitor your practice online?  Below is a list of different tools to use that were compiled by entrepreneur.com.  

  1. Google Alertscan be thought of as a customized Google search
  2. Naymz is a tool that can help you track and manage your social influence
  3. Yext is a helpful site to visit if you want to manage your online listings
  4. Hootsuite – is a social media management tool that allows you to maintain all of your social media networks in one place.
  5. Reputologyis a site that provides analytics for customer service management
  6. Complaint Search Boxis a website set to perform a specialized Google search on over 40 complaint websites.

So now that you have the tools to be able to monitor your reputation, what are you going to do with the information?  Well, the first thing you should do is pat yourself on the back if someone is praising your work. Next, make sure to share the good word across all your social media platforms, to let all your followers know that you will take care of them. Last, it is suggested by Alan Ayers, a reputable person of the Urgent Care Community, to use these positive comments to support any and all of your marketing efforts.  

Now, what if you get a bad review?  No one likes them, but to be honest that is the best thing your business can get.  This what we call constructive criticism, and if used wisely your practice can grow wonderfully. The idea of a bad review is to take the necessary steps to turn it into a good review by communicating and reaching a solution. How can you accomplish this?

First, reach out to that person who left a bad review. Find out exactly why they weren’t happy with the service that was provided. Apologize on the platform where it was first posted, and let them know you want to fix the issue.  In doing this not only are you trying to resolve the issue of an unhappy customer but this also lets the public know that you care about your customers opinion, and you value them and not just their money. Lastly, if things go well and you can turn that dissatisfied customer into a happy one, then you can ask for a new review, and let them explain to the public how you took the steps to fix the issue.

To hear more of what Alan Ayers has to say, read this entire blog:  http://blog.repugen.com/alan-ayers-on-urgent-care-reputation-management-interview/

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