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This blog isn’t meant to scare you off, and make you close your business down.  Also, hopefully this doesn’t even pertain to your business.  I know everyone that STAT Medcare deals with practices business with the best integrity, and honesty.  Otherwise,  I highly doubt we would be called acquaintances.


So in case you missed it last month, Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA) announced the selection of of Chris M. Presley, a Law Enforcement Investigator in the Office of the Attorney General, as the winner of the 2017 Fraud Fighter Achievement Award.  Mr. Presley was the one responsible of discovering a a Medicaid Fraud that had taken place for some time now.


It was a investigation regarding Gregory Campbell and his co-defendants, that resulted to a order of $460,000 in restitution and a 30 month prison sentence.  Campbell was caught by an overpayment that was under $6,000 to a provider who insisted his business had been closed for years.  At that point the case was turned over to the Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Unit (MFCU), and that is when Mr. Presley stepped in.  Mr. Presley had discovered that there was definitely identify theft that took place.  He was able to confirm the identity theft with the help of the IRS.

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Feel free to read the entire announcement at AHCA.


Medical billing can be difficult at times, and the slightest error can be mistaken for fraud.  That is where STAT MedCare Solutions comes in, and makes sure that those mistakes are eliminated.  If you need help with your credentialing, please don’t hesitate and contact us. Also, want to thank Mr. Presley on his efforts of maintaining the integrity in our industry, and congratulations on his achievement.


Let us share one of our professional tools with your practice as well, so you can compare it to or add to your current credentialing process:  Here is a free copy of our Provider Enrollment Checklist.


Since 2003, STAT MedCare Solutions has been an expert in Provider Enrollment, Licensing, Rate Negotiation, and other Credentialing-related services.  STAT’s mission is, “Providing Client Services on a foundation of Trust and Integrity.”  We stay on top of teaching, training, and equipping to properly manage the workplace as an industry expert.  STAT has submitted/renewed 250,000+ licenses, submitted more than 10,000 appeals, and renegotiated more than 3,000 contracts. STAT services practices and organizations who are start-ups, surviving, experiencing (rapid) growth,  or maturing Enterprise clients. Contact our Sales team for a free consultation at 877-887-1784, Ext. 505

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