scroller5 296x300 | Payor Enrollment Checklist | STATMedCare Payor and Physician Enrollment and Credentialing

Payor enrollment is often a painful, time intensive step in the provider onboarding process. Experienced Provider Enrollment Specialists know that credentialed providers cannot generate revenue until they are enrolled with payors.

That’s why healthcare providers and organizations leverage the knowledgeable and experienced staff of STAT MedCare’s provider enrollment services to allow them the time to grow their business, focus on customer satisfaction, and to redirect their personnel to work on more value-added business activities.

Provider credentialing is more than just another form to fill out or a minor nuisance; it’s a complex, ongoing process and a critically important one at that. Without successful credentialing, provider reimbursement for medical services can be delayed and even denied. Given its many steps, critical deadlines and lurking uncertainties, provider credentialing is business critical for your practice.

This whitepaper contains information on each step of the payor enrollment process, including how long it should take for each step to be completed.  You will learn about the following steps in the enrollment process:

  • Why you should start the process early
  • Review approval and signature by practitioner 60-90 days out
  • Follow-up with payor 30 days out

… and more.