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Tax Season

It is some of our favorite time of the year.  Where we get to round up our W2’s and submit them to uncle Sam, in hope of getting a giant return.  Then there are some people that are dreading this time.  If you are a business owner, there is a good chance that you are going to be paying Uncle Sam some money this year.  There are some ways to help ease the pain a little though

  1. Charitable Donations:
  2. Medical and Dental Expenses:
  3. Performing Artist Expenses:
  4. Tax Preparation Fees:
  5. Mortgage Interest and Points:
  6. Mortgage Insurance Premiums:
  7. Gambling Losses:
  8. Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes:
  9. State/Local Taxes:
  10. Job Hunting Expenses:
  11. Moving Expenses:
  12. Retirement Plan Contributions:
  13. Alimony:
  14. Health Savings Account Deductions:
  15. Self-Employment Expenses:
  16. Educator Expenses:
  17. Educational Deductions:

074f4a 20ca05917f5248d6bdf55df7a3847b32 2 300x225 | Tax Season | STATMedCare Payor and Physician Enrollment and CredentialingAs you can clearly see there is quite the list of deductions.  This list was provided by www.moneytips.com   If you want a more thorough explanation, than I suggest visiting the site.  Also it is always best to pay a visit to you local accountant.  I know there is plenty of sources that allow you to do your taxes yourself, but you might be leaving lots of money on the table.  

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Have a Good Day, and Happy Tax Season Everyone!!