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Anyone that has been in the healthcare business knows there are some challenges to overcome. The time it takes to conduct interim credentialing and then full medical credentialing can be a lengthy and time-consuming process. In today’s business, it is challenging to be an expert in all aspects of your industry. Companies offering Medical Credentialing Services are trained to vet candidates; so why not leave this portion of the job up to an experienced counterpart who may yield more thorough results? It saves you the hassle and ensures your candidates are always of the highest quality.


Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons to Outsource your Credentialing Process


  1. Gathering Documents
    Ok, let’s be honest for a second, physicians have a lot going on, and they can tend to lose documents from time-to time. These documents can include copies of licenses held, malpractice insurance face sheets, and sometimes even their diplomas. Gathering all these documents can be very tedious, and quite frankly no one wants to do it. Hiring an experienced Medical Credentialing company with the expertise in obtaining these types of documents can save an immense amount of time in the locums background check process. These experts know exactly how to go about obtaining these lost documents and replacing them as quickly as possible.
  2. Licensures & Primary Source Verification
    Verifying Licenses can be extremely time consuming. To make matters worse, some physicians can be licensed in multiple states and international candidates have also been licensed in foreign countries. A license verification will need to be performed on each of these licenses to ensure no administrative action was ever taken against any of these licenses. Doing a thorough primary source verification on a candidate is also time consuming. Hiring an experienced Medical Credentialing company can reduce the time it takes to complete this process, as they know exactly where to obtain the primary source information. Plus, Medical Credentialing companies typically have the necessary third party PSV accounts already established for quicker reporting.
  3. Malpractice Claim History
    A malpractice claim history query will need to be ran against every malpractice policy the physician has ever carried. Often physicians do not realize how important keeping a copy of their malpractice face sheet is. A Medical Credentialing company can assist the physician in finding and obtaining all insurance information and obtaining copies of all face sheets. Then, the Medical Credentialing company can run the queries to request malpractice claims history to ensure no malpractice claims have been reported. If a malpractice claim has been reported, the credentialing company can get the necessary details from the physician and the insurance company.

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  4. Background Check
    A national background check will be required for any locums physician. Because companies offering Medical Credentialing Services have contracts with background companies, you can avoid the hassle of having to run the background yourself. Simply contact the Medical Credentialing company to complete the process and sit back and wait for the results.
  5. Results Delivery
    Results are delivered to your agency in a neatly packaged file which contains every item you will need to successfully place this candidate into a locums contract. A Medical Credentialing company will also be able to handle hospital and payor enrollment Credentialing should you decide your agency needs to complete these items. As experts, Medical Credentialing companies store all of your candidates’ data in a system where it can be accessed by you when needed. As a recruiter, do what you do best. Leave the vetting of candidates to the professionals at a Medical Credentialing company. Don’t chance missing something that could potentially cost you a contract or your company’s reputation.

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