Pokemon Go 002 300x300 | What Can Pokemon GO Teach You About Choosing a Credentialing Services Provider? | STATMedCare Payor and Physician Enrollment and CredentialingPokemon GO’s popularity has skyrocketed, having been downloaded by more than 130 million people worldwide. It was developed by Niantic and released in July 2016. The goal of the game? Well, to catch Pokemon of course!

Catching Pokemon

There are three key things you need to find, and catch, a Pokemon. You must:

  • Be diligent;
  • Be thorough; and
  • Leverage relationships.

When playing Pokemon GO, the player must be diligent. The need to constantly search for a Pokemon results in the player having to walk a considerable distance and, in many cases, having to overcome physical and/or mental obstacles due to the amount of exertion needed to play the game. The game, while simple in its design, can actually be very challenging to play. Attentiveness and persistence are key or the player could quickly lose interest or get injured.

Pokemon GO players should constantly be looking in areas s/he has already been, assessing 360 degrees of the game environment and be constantly in motion.  It is critical that players pay close attention to their surroundings or they could walk into a busy street or walk into the side of a building.

Finally, relationships are an integral component of the game. By playing the game you become part of a network of game players that are actively walking, or driving, the streets of your area trying to find Pokemon. Working together, game players can help each other find Pokemon they don’t have and help newbies to the game better navigate and play the game.

How Does Catching Pokemon Relate to Choosing a Credentialing Services Provider?

Be diligent: Credentialing requires constant follow up.  If you submit your application and the payor tells you it will take 90 days to process the application you don’t just sit and wait 90 days for the application to be completed. Choose a credentialing company who will constantly follow up on your application and review it for any outstanding requested information. Also, if you are trying to get onto a closed panel you must know how to file an appeal to increase your chances of being allowed onto a closed panel. Find an expert who understands the nuances of filing an appeal. Ask them what their success rate is before selecting a company.

Be thorough: How many times has your credentialing application been rejected or denied stating it is incomplete? You must be vigilant when submitting these applications. If you miss any area on the application it can negatively effect the amount of time it takes to credential you as well as your future reimbursement. Choosing a credentialing company who understands the importance of a thorough and complete application is critical to success. Healthcare organizations want to know that continued communication is given and being performed when outsourcing, especially went it comes to getting enrolled with payors and dealing with rate negotiations.

Leverage relationships: Be sure to identify how long the provider has been in business. In addition, obtaine copies of testimonials and references to leverage relationships with companies you may know or that have used the provider’s services before to help you make the best selection decision.

What’s Next?

Outsourcing can save your healthcare organization time and money, and will help you to focus on what is most important – your organization – daily activities/needs and growth.

So, the next time you see someone playing Pokemon GO think about the game’s correlation to selecting the right credentialing services provider. And if you have a credentialing-based need, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


Cynthia Young, the former CEO of STAT, which is a U.S.-based, national provider of credentialing, payor enrollment, rate negotiation, and other credentialing related services.

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