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We have the knowledge and experience needed to help your organization maximize its revenue and ensure no money is left on the table. By outsourcing to STAT you can also save time, energy and money, allowing you to focus on managing the day to day operations of your company.

Some of the benefits of outsourcing credentialing work to STAT include:

  • No overhead costs;
  • No temp agency fees;
  • No hiring expenses, such as advertising and interviewing;
  • No overtime. You only pay for the time we work;
  • No need to pay Social Security Taxes, FICA, Workers Compensation, State/Federal Unemployment Taxes;
  • No holidays, vacations or sick days;
  • No costly employee benefits packages;
  • No training or equipment costs. We are professionals and experts in our field and use our own equipment.

With STAT you can reduce your personnel budget by more than 40%!

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