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Do you know the top 10 reasons why deciding to outsource provider enrollment can save you time and money?  STAT MedCare‘s team of experts have created a list to help you understand the top 10 benefits.

Many practices choose to become in-network providers because of the stability it offers to medical claim billing and the increased potential patient base. In this type of arrangement, all medical billing claims tend to be honored more consistently, and reimbursement rates are clearly defined before services are rendered, eliminating much of the medical claim billing guess work. Becoming an in-network provider also allows practices to tap into the existing carrier patient base and take advantage of indirect advertising through online provider network directories. The principle downside with becoming an in-network provider is that the credentialing process can be VERY time consuming and a complex task.

There are typically fewer medical billing surprises for patients when visiting an in-network provider; yielding a higher overall sense of patient satisfaction. This also eliminates much of the guess work for the patient, as most of the work falls on the practice’s medical claim billing service and the insurance carrier.

Some important and valuable information in this whitepaper includes:

  • Knowing the pitfalls of credentialing;
  • The steps of the credentialing and contracting process; and
  • The benefits of outsourcing your credentialing and provider enrollment.