Louanna Obrzut 1 300x300 | Embodying Excellence In All We Do   Performer of the Month, Oct 2016, Louanne Obrzut | STATMedCare Payor and Physician Enrollment and CredentialingSTAT MedCare, LLC management would like to take a moment to publicly recognize Louanne Obrzut for her contributions to STAT’s growth.

Our Values

At STAT MedCare, LLC, many of our team come from military backgrounds. For this reason, our employees are held to a standard that reflects certain military values.  These values are:

• Integrity first;
• Excellence in all we do; and
• Service before self.

To ensure our clients are always our #1 priority, we expect our team to live and breathe these values.

“Excellence in All We Do” Defined

An individual who strives for excellence is one that has outstanding quality work in all they do.  They make sure that the work they accomplish is always above and beyond expectations.  They never settle for not doing their best.  They do their best at all times, no matter what the circumstances.

Louanne Obrzut

Ms. Louanne Obzrut is a Senior Credentialing Coordinator and provides knowledgeable expertise in state licensing regulations.  She joined STAT in 2007 with over fifteen years of professional credentialing experience.  Her stellar background in licensing allows her to exemplify “Excellence in All We Do” by striving to prepare and process licensure requests to the best of her ability.  Her extensive experience shows in her daily work.  In addition to her licensing abilities, she is also friendly and helpful to clients and fellow coordinators.  She always goes above and beyond what is expected of her.

Thank you Louanne for all that you do for STAT!  You rock!


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